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Vedic Astrology or in fact almost any ancient form of astrology can not be described by mere words because it stretches well beyond the conceptive capacity of our knowledge. Particularly about Vedic Astrology, we are lucky that great immortal sages of the Vedic age simplified it partially for the less intelligent beings of Kaliyuga to understand and utilize it to their material and spiritual benefit. Contd...



I, Arjun Chakraborty bow to Lord Hari, all the other deities, specially the Navagrahas and my respected teachers for their blessings and permission before commencing this article.
Dear readers, astrology can be very broadly classified into two branches – Predictive and Remedial. Traditional Indian Astrology which is referred to as ‘Vedic Astrology’ popularly in the west has plenty of literature on different kinds of remedies – Sattwik, Rajasik and Tamasik. Several respected scholars of the west have been attracted to ‘Vedic Astrology’ specially due to two reasons. According to them it is unique in its two very strong aspects – Timing of events and Remedies. From my early astrological days I was mostly inclined towards the predictive principles of astrology and not so much the remedial side. But, as I
began giving consultations, I felt the need to strengthen my remedial knowledge. I had learnt the basics from my uncle and first teacher Pandit Prodyot Kumar Chakraborty and that knowledge was mainly about use of precious gemstones, roots (moola) and metals. Later, I came to know more from Sri Nimai Thakur of Hatibagan Tol. Recently Vastu and Lal Kitab expert my friend Mr.Malay Pathak encouraged me a great deal to think more deeply about the remedial ways. I must say, discussions with him helped me a lot in this regard. My favourite teacher Prof Ashoke Bhattacharya never talked much to me about remedial astrology, but he always stressed upon the need to form an organized system in this branch. This is because, astrologers today follow various disorganized rules for selecting remedies and most often they are themselves not sure what system they are following specially while selecting gemstones for their clients. Because of this, different astrologers suggest completely different kinds of remedies for the same horoscope. As a result they end up confusing their clients and consequently disgrace the sacred subject of astrology.
After observing this complete pandemonium, I have tried to form a system which if followed even fairly strictly, can urge different astrologers to decide somewhat similar remedial prescriptions for the same person. The suggestions may still differ, but that difference should be like different physicians prescribing similar compositions by different companies having different brand names, not suggesting completely opposite kind of things.



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Remedial Astrology (sub-divisions) -
Upachar or Remedial – Unlike most other forms of astrology, Vedic style contains a lot of knowledge on remedies. One is bound to go through various joys and sufferings based on his or her Karmic assets or Prarabdha. A part of this Karma is unalterable and another part can be modified through virtuous and sinuous deeds of this life itself. Besides, there are some forms of remedies prescribed in some   Contd...


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Traditional Indian  Astrology which
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