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Vedic Astrology or in fact almost any ancient form of astrology can not be described by mere words because it stretches well beyond the conceptive capacity of our knowledge. Particularly about Vedic Astrology, we are lucky that great immortal sages of the Vedic age simplified it partially for the less intelligent beings of Kaliyuga to understand and utilize it to their material and spiritual benefit. Contd...



I, Arjun Chakraborty, bow to Lord Hari, all other deities, specially the Navagrahas and my respected teachers for blessings and permission before beginning this article.
Dear readers, since my early astrological days and specially since I met my favourite teacher Prof Ashoke Bhattacharya, I had a lot of discussions on Prashna Jyotisha (Horary Astrology) and a lot of opportunities to apply its various rules. My extensive astrological practice in Kolkata and across Europe made me face numerous interesting and challenging situations where I applied this mystic astrological art. Let me clarify, Horary Astrology has always been immensely respected and accepted in various schools of astrology – Vedic, KP, Western and Tajik. I had discussions on this subject with western astrologers from Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia and Australia during my several trips to Europe. Academic exchanges with them have definitely enriched me and helped me clear doubt regarding some principles of Horary Astrology.
Firstly, let me discuss the significance of Prashna Jyotisha. When and why it should be applied?
• When correct birth details are not available
• When astrologer is unable to take a confirmed decision from a birth horoscope
• When astrologer wishes to rectify birth time
• When astrologer intends to check the intention or mental condition of the client
• In case of some specific questions which are easier to answer through Prashna than Birth horoscope (for example ‘will a particular love affair fulfil into marriage’ or ‘is a particular news true’ or ‘where is the lost article’)
• In case of critical questions specially following any strong remedial measure.
I suggest you to remember – although Hora Shatpanchashika by Prithuyasha (son of Varahamihira) is probably the oldest text on Prashna Jytisha we have today, there is no reason to imagine that practice of Prashna Jyotisha began so late in India. Careful reading of Vrihat Parasari Hora shows the mention of Prashna Jyotisha in it. So, it was practiced even in the Rig Vedic period.
I am not going to explain all the above mentioned points in detail in this article, but certainly would like to expand the last point a bit. According to Uttarkalamrita of Kalidasa a Prashna Kundli is as good as a Janma Kundli – there is no difference. But, according to Harihar’s Prashna Marga the Janma Kundli is the reflection of our fate at the time of birth decided by our Prarabdha. But, after birth subject’s good and bad deeds including special remedial measures (like Mahamrityunjay Yajna or similar Homa) can cause some changes in destiny which can be spotted in the Prashna Chakra. Therefore, in special occasions when the Prashna Chakra indicates something different from the Janma Kundli, the indications from the Prashna Chakra should be accepted. My experience has made me a strong believer of this point. 


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Upachar or Remedial – Unlike most other forms of astrology, Vedic style contains a lot of knowledge on remedies. One is bound to go through various joys and sufferings based on his or her Karmic assets or Prarabdha. A part of this Karma is unalterable and another part can be modified through virtuous and sinuous deeds of this life itself. Besides, there are some forms of remedies prescribed in some   Contd...


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