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Vedic Astrology or in fact almost any ancient form of astrology can not be described by mere words because it stretches well beyond the conceptive capacity of our knowledge. Particularly about Vedic Astrology, we are lucky that great immortal sages of the Vedic age simplified it partially for the less intelligent beings of Kaliyuga to understand and utilize it to their material and spiritual benefit. Contd...



I, Arjun Chakraborty bow to Lord Hari, all other deities, specially the Navagrahas and my respected teachers for their blessings and permission before beginning this article.
From my early astrology days, I have encountered countless situations of major dilemma in deciding which of the two houses owned by a particular planet will be represented more strongly at all times and during its own Dasa or Antardasa (or even Pratyantardasa). I did not get any firm answer from anyone until I met my favourite teacher Prof Ashoke Bhattacharya. Prof Bhattacharya informed me that the natural inclination of a planet is to give more result of the house which is indifferent from its Anandasthana or Mool Trikona. Later I found the confirmation while reading classics like Phaldeepika and Bhavartha Ratnakara. But of course, Sage Parasara has used this principle in a subtle but decisive way while determining roles of various planets for different Lagnas.
But, dear readers, in my 19 years of experience I have occasionally found somewhat different results while judging various natal and query horoscopes. After thinking over this matter for many years and carrying out observations in India and various European countries, I have prepared a list which can help an astrologer or an astro-student reach a firmer decision in this regard. Please note, my list of advices will lead you to different results in different horoscopes with the same lagna. I request you to accept the results with open mind. I urge specialists of KP also to consider the points I am going to present in this article. To make explanation easy, I am taking Budh for Kumbha Lagna as the standard example in most cases. I am presenting the points in decreasing order of importance from first to fifth.
• FIRST : If Budh is situated in Mithuna, it will certainly represent the 5th house more, there is no need to go into any further complication. It means, if the relevant planet is occupying any of its two houses, it will definitely represent that house more strongly than the other.
• SECOND : If the relevant planet is involved in any house exchange, the involved house will be represented more. For example, if Guru is in Kanya and Budh is in Dhanu, the 8th house will be signified more strongly than the 5th as the 8th house has taken part in the house exchange.
• THIRD : This rule has been advocated by respected pundit of yesteryears – Kalipada Bhattacharya and has been narrated to me repeatedly by respected astro-palmist Yogiraj Arun Bhai. When a planet is situated in a trine to any of its houses, it gives more results of that house. Let us assume for a Kumbha Lagna horoscope, Budh is in 9th. In such case it will signify the 5th house (in the same trine) more.  Contd.


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