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Vedic Astrology or in fact almost any ancient form of astrology can not be described by mere words because it stretches well beyond the conceptive capacity of our knowledge. Particularly about Vedic Astrology, we are lucky that great immortal sages of the Vedic age simplified it partially for the less intelligent beings of Kaliyuga to understand and utilize it to their material and spiritual benefit. Contd...



Before beginning this article, I, Arjun Chakraborty, humble servant of astrology, bow to Lord Hari and all other deities and specially the Navagrahas and my respected teachers for their blessings and kind permission.
Dear readers, from my extensive experience of working with clients and students in India and several European countries, I have felt the strong need to examine the various Vargas mentioned and described in respected ancient texts of astrology. The Vrihat Parasari Hora mentions 16 Vargas or divisional charts whereas there are mentions of some other divisional charts in Jaimini and Tajik texts. I prefer to confine myself to use of the 16 Parasari Varga charts. But, often the unavailability of exact birth time or unreliability of given birth time does not allow us to cast the divisional charts properly as we are unable to determine the Lagnas in many of those special charts. For example, in the Soviet days in USSR all birth times used to be recorded every 5 minutes only. In India so many birth times we get are quite widely approximate. Specially in the higher divisions like D 40 (Khavedamsa), D 45 (Akshavedamsa) and D 60 (Shastyamsa) fixing Lagnas correctly is a tough challenge for astrologers. Quite often even fixing the Navamsa Lagna or Dasamsa Lagna becomes difficult. This deprives us from the opportunity of making finer and more accurate predictions. This is a matter of deep disappointment. In countries close to the Equator like India and Srilanka no Lagna is too short. But, in countries closer to the poles like Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania and Latvia where I practice quite often, I encounter a stiffer challenge as some Lagnas last for no more than 30 minutes. So, if somebody is born in such a lagna (for example Meena) in such a country, very small error in birth time can lead us to wrong lagnas in various vargas easily.
Although I like to work with all the 16 Parasari Vargas, I would urge students and astrologers to work with at least the Navamsa for marriage and Dasamsa for professional aspects. This will surely enable much more precise analysis of birth or even query charts.
I must acknowledge that this research has been highly aided by the Ruling Planet Theory of Prof. Krishnamurthy which is derived probably from the classic Vrihat Jatakam by Varahamihira. I am also indebted to my favourite teacher Prof Ashoke Bhattacharya who encouraged me to combine some Krishnamurthy principles with Parasari astrology with an open mind. Now, I narrate the steps which will lead us to the finely corrected birth time or directly to the different Lagnas in the 16 Varga charts.
• First, use the 5 Ruling Planets (at query) to determine the birth Lagna and Lagna constellation. This can be done according to Prof Krishnamurthy’s instructions, but using Lahiri Ayanamsa and Jaimini house division (sign = house). Once these two are determined, (or may be even it will not be necessary to correct these two as the time range given by the client can be within limits of one same Lagna and also same Lagna Nakshatra). Now, I am not trying to find the sub of the Lagna unlike  


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