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Vedic Astrology or in fact almost any ancient form of astrology can not be described by mere words because it stretches well beyond the conceptive capacity of our knowledge. Particularly about Vedic Astrology, we are lucky that great immortal sages of the Vedic age simplified it partially for the less intelligent beings of Kaliyuga to understand and utilize it to their material and spiritual benefit. Contd...


About Prof. Arjun Chakraborty :                                                                            
Prof. Arjun Chakraborty is a full time specialist Vedic Astrologer for the last 17 years since 1994. He hails from Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) located in the eastern part of India. He has inherited this profession from his uncle Late Pandit Prodyot Kumar Chakraborty with whom he has worked for a long time since his teen age days. He has been a professor in the traditional school of astrology – ‘Hatibagan Tole’. Currently, he is teaching in ‘Institute of Astrological Science’ headed by Prof Arjun’s favourite ex-scientist Prof. Ashoke Bhattacharya. Prof. Arjun is associated with renowned astrological organization Grahamitra Gems for the last 9 years as chief consultant astrologer. He has clients from numerous countries spread all over the world and has traveled to many of those nations on astrological visits. He has provided consultations, courses and enlightening lectures in many countries specially in Europe. He is basically an academic astrologer and does not believe in cheap commercialization of this sacred subject. The objective of this website is to enlighten people about the unlimited capacity of Vedic Astrology and provide honest astrological services to help one develop both materially and spiritually even in Kaliyuga.

Rewards and Recognition

Prof. Arjun has been awarded with many academic and honourary degrees by several astrological institutions in Kolkata, India. Some of the degrees include Jyotish Shiromani, Jyotish Samrat, Jyotish Mahacharya, Jyotish Jnanacharya, Jyotish Purushottam, Jyotish Saraswati, Nakshatrik Jyotish Shastri (for his knowledge in constellational astrology) and Prashna Ratna (for his expertise in Horary or Prashna Astrology).
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If you are looking for an appointment with
Prof. Arjun Chakraborty please mail him at :

You may also step in at his residence at :
56, Haltu School Lane, Annapurna Apartments,
Flat No 3,Kolkata (Calcutta) 700078

West Bengal, India.  

Global Exposure

Prof. Arjun Chakraborty has had the kind of international exposure and experience which is rarely found in most Indian astrologers. He has made 6 trips to Europe and 1 trip to Egypt so far spreading his astrological knowledge.
Lecturered In –
* Gothenburg University (Sweden)
* Lund University (Sweden)
* Vilnius University (Lithuania)
*DAV, German Astrologers Association (Bonn, Germany)   Contd.


Astro Remedies

Remedial Astrology (sub-divisions) -
Upachar or Remedial – Unlike most other forms of astrology, Vedic style contains a lot of knowledge on remedies. One is bound to go through various joys and sufferings based on his or her Karmic assets or Prarabdha. A part of this Karma is unalterable and another part can be modified through virtuous and sinuous deeds of this life itself. Besides, there are some forms of remedies prescribed in some   Contd...


Prof. Arjun Chakraborty's recognitions

Prashna Jyotisha ::

Know about Prasna Jyotisha 


Planetary Remedy                                               

Traditional Indian  Astrology which
 is referred to as ‘Vedic Astrology’



Free Classes

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Area of Expertise or services:
Horoscope Consultation - as per Vedic Astrology,
 Constellational Astrology (modern approach) and
 Horary or Question Astrology Suggestion of
 effective remedies - as per personal requirement in
various forms ranging from minerals to mantras and
yantras.  Contd...

Fixing Lagnas In Shodasha Vargas

Arjun shares his extensive experience
of working with clients and students
in India and several European

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